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FR web solution fabricate one of the leading MLM software for all your complex network marketing challenges. Our modular software works on a well-optimized and highly efficient management scheme, one that is highly perfect for all levels of the organizations. This software is designed to ensure the smooth working of an organization and to offer peace of mind to the owners. MLM software comes with super-fast performance and flexible user interface design for any level of business. We offer software that is highly flexible and provides custom compensation plans.

We are the all-in-one suite of tools to cater to all your website-oriented needs. Network marketing is an incredible vehicle to get you to your destination. Unfortunately, for many people, this transforms into a plethora of challenges. With an impeccable track record to provide exceptional multi-marketing software solutions to a myriad of network marketing organizations across the globe, we offer you personalized solutions to fulfill all your needs.

The best part of our software system is it can be handily decoupled and amassed with no intricacy, giving you the much-wanted power over the various highlights and activities in a partner promoting software. You can also receive other benefits like the best its lightning execution, committed payout framework, versatility, and portable well-disposed plan. As open-source software, it acquires greater security and measured way to deal with acknowledging adaptability, where you can change or improve the MLM organizing framework dependent on the fluctuating industry patterns and venture. Some, of the key features of the software include:

  •    A high-performance system providing better output
  •    Get ease in generating invoice and releasing pay-outs
  •    Track graphical statistics and transactional statics
  •    Helps you to integrate with any e-commerce software
  •    Get access to the latest technology used and enjoy futuristic features
  •    A bulletproof system with 100% tested source
  •    Record and keep track of transactional and graphical metrics.

For optimum performance, our developers work round the clock to bring best for you and also provide you the customized software when required. We offer you an optimized business intelligence tool, that offers fast and accurate complex statistical data. This software comes with a highly effective user-interface.

Software Designing Process of building a legacy

Our comprehensive software is a five-step working model designed to ensure work is streamlined. The strategy ensures a 100% responsive design.


We always strive towards customizing the software to revamp it in favor of our clientele. Developing software is not a layman’s task. Therefore even before the requirement comes in we are always constantly working on the software to structure it in different types to help our clients.

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We navigate our developers to comprehend the intricacies and structure of your project. Once we receive requirements from your end, we help our developers to understand the know and hows of the project structure. In this step, we also decide on a project manager who takes care of further steps.

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This is a complex task that requires meticulous attention and whopping amounts of proficiency. Our crew of experts pays heed to all your requirements and specifics to design the MLM software that serves you the best. Structuring or designing the MLM software is the most complex task which is done under the supervision of experts. Whether your requirement is narrow or broad, our team aims to provide you the best from their expertise.

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We believe that quality is an outcome of experimentation. Therefore, our developers test the software multiple times to remove all errors. For any business it is vital to deliver the work after it is thoroughly checked, so do we believe for our business. Therefore, our developers test the software to get rid of all bugs before it is delivered to you.

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To ease out your job, our team offers a training period to explain the know-hows of the software. Our exceptional after-sales service is a cherry on top. Unlike other software, MLM is not easy to operate. Hence, our team provides you training on the software and is always there to help you out whenever required. Our after-sale service is a topping for all our clients.

online shopping website development kanpur

Our combined aim is to help you in enlarging your business outside your boundaries with the different services. Therefore, we also provide you customizable features in software like mobile applications, website design, web development, SMS, auto-responder, multiple currencies, etc.

Begin Your Transformation With FR Web Solution

Today it is vital for any internet business to have a software system that is flexible and has a solid software that promises you with the same dedication as you. Therefore, our MLM software enables you to discover the most relevant insights for better decision making that takes you to the next level. Fr Web Solution MLM software is crafted in such a way where you can get a piece- of- mind and the right tools enable every possible competitive edge to keep your organization profitable.

Reach the pinnacle with FR Web Solution

Our research and development team are always working dedicatedly in improving the network software, quality and bringing in the latest technology. We are constantly improving our database and building an enterprise-level business. As an MLM software provide we ensure our software is loaded with all the necessities and have a dedicated calculation engine. We also have some of the beautiful tools in-built like sophisticated promotional tools that will help you in boosting your MLM leads and will bring more productivity.

Today, a spectacular MLM software system is the crux of any online business. It must be as good as the price you pay for it. Therefore, our MLM software services enable you to unearth significant insights to yield great results. FR Web Solution is a team of dedicated experts who aim at proving you a set of dynamic tools to surpass every challenge.

With great power comes great responsibility. We strengthen your trust by dedicatedly working on improvising network software, and bring forth the latest technology. Here’s what you can expect:

Software For All MLM Plans

With our full-featured MLM software, our ultimate goal is to expand your business beyond the boundaries, by availing our diversified services. Check out the diverse software plans to accelerate your plummeting portfolio:

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