User-Friendly Content Management Systems at Work

fr web solution is the leading company engaged in the designing tailor-made content management systems for SMEs and giant corporate. We have the expertise, experience as well as innovation at work to grow your business. We do it with a custom-built content management system, it gives our clients an extensive platform to sell their products and services, besides delivering a larger user-experience.

  • Easy management of rich media management
  • Access control and dynamic template integrations
  • High levels of scalability, reliability and compatibility

Irrespective of the fact, whether our client has intense need for creating CMS for self-managed portal, or an interactive custom-built CMS, or an enterprise wide content management system, fr web solution matches all the requirements. Our service delivery model is oriented towards fulfilling the requirements of the clients.

Why these CMS are Meritorious ?


  • User-friendliness
  • Device independent management
  • Extensive control of website
  • Search engine friendly
  • Ideal blogging platform
  • No Knowledge of HTML or PHP Needed
  • Create Bespoke Website Designs
  • Functionality of Website is Enhanced with Plugins


  • Made for the User
  • No Need for FTP
  • Scripting Knowledge Not Needed
  • Complete Control on Website
  • Affinity for the search engines
  • Websites are fully customizable
  • Ideal for eCommerce
  • Functionality is enhanced with Plugins


  • Ease of Use
  • FTP Not Necessary
  • Liked by Search Engines
  • Secured Blogging Platform
  • Website Interface is Customizable
  • E-Commerce Stores can be Designed
  • Functionality can be Added
  • More Control Over Website


  • Ease of Use
  • Secured and Search Engine Pro
  • Customized for Any Business
  • Built-in Blogging Interface
  • Website Functionality is Extendible
  • No Requirement of FTP
  • User-Affinity
  • Minimal HTML or Scripting is Needed
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