Why Logo Matters?

Holistic branding and an awesome presentation

Logo symbolizes the reality of your business, and your reputation is based on it. A self-explained logo builds your business, and establishes it firmly in the subliminal part of brain. fr web solution has expertise and creative edge in designing rasterized and vector-based logos for affirming identity in minds of your customers and clients. The logos designed by us are creative, retina-friendly, and draw a parallel to your business concept.

  • Analysing the Business and Its Culture
  • Working on the Distinctiveness of Logo
  • Brainstorming Session for a Punch Creation

fr web solution gathers an in-depth understanding of business modalities of its clients, which catapults an idea creation for the logo. The logos designed by us are simple, realistic and objective. The concept behind designing a logo is not relative to the graphic design software or colors, in fact, we develop a logo in the manner that business idea is reflected conspicuously.

Our Logo Design Process

We create logos tethered to a business sense, and this out rightly means following rigorous steps one after the other.

Business Analysis

Logo and branding without business analysis is not something that really goes well towards building the concept. Therefore, we ensure that logo designed by us has the business relevance and everything else.

logo design process analysis kanpur


The business relevance associated with the company logo can only become the reality when it is ideated. Our ideation begins from the day we start analysing the business.

logo design process idea kanpur


Real graphic designing begins with sketching, and we have creative hands with plenty of expertise. We sketch the logos relative to the business concept.

logo design process sketch kanpur


Color analysis gives unique identification to the graphic or a logo. Variety of color combinations are used to embellish the logo, and the final touch is created after the logo has been given a go by the client.

logo design process color kanpur


Logo matches the suitability of our clients, and it is delivered online in JPEG format. If the client requires logo in another format, we are ready with it.

logo design process kanpur

Innovating from the Scratch

Designing a logo does not stop at client briefing. The reality has to be understood, especially with respect to the type of business and the nature of audience that business is being directed. Sketching and representations come on the later stage. Therefore, while designing a logo, fr web solutiondoes the business as well as competition analysis. It is also the manner in which we create a striking balance between art, and your business, as the result your business is identifiable in fiercely competitive markets.

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