Realtime reporting and analysis for credible results

FR Web Solution is a progressively growing web design and development company, also strategizing on creative digital marketing solutions. We ensure web analytics and comparable traffic analytics for the online business of our clients. We use state of the art 3rd generation reporting tools to analyse the traffic falling on individual pages of your website.

Facts of our reporting

  • Comprehensive monthly reporting for website designing/development and digital marketing
  • MIS/ Monthly reporting is based on in-depth understanding of the traffic
  • Monitoring and managing the reports in a real time set up

Comprehensive reporting with phone calls and tracking conversions

We do innovative reporting, and all of it is real time. Whether it is about keeping the track of traffic received over a timeline, or looking on the traffic built up for repeat customers, or analysing the time spent, reporting experts at FR Web Solution will ensure that accurate facts are displayed. We have no room for the flaws, and it out rightly means, we check the reports not just once, but thrice. We keep our reports customized and useful for the clients.

With our reporting methodology, the clients have following advantages:

  • Transparency in the data
  • High levels of accuracy
  • Peace of mind with custom rporting

Process for Reporting

Discovery of the project

It all starts with the project requirement. Once we have received the brief from your end, we understand your requirement and further step down to the next process.

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Planning of the project

After understanding the brief, we plan and understand how the project can be completed. What are the important steps that are required to be undertaken and in what sequence?

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Designing of the Project

The next step comes is the designing of the project, all the projects are designed under the guidance of experts. Each design segment is done by the developers best in it.

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Development of the Project

Once the design is complete the development project is undertaken where all coding and everything required is done precisely.

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Nothing goes out without the testing, every software we deliver to you is tested and sent out after the final approval by the top management.

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After the software is delivered, we offer our clients an after-sales service. This service is dedicated to offering the required technical assistance or repair if required.

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