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Board plan MLM software allows the implementation of the Board plan MLM hierarchy. Converting the board plan into MLM software is exactly suitable as per your requirements is our goal. So we can say for sure say our software comes with the obvious pride, and this software is the best for you to find in this business.

Board plan MLM is otherwise called Revolving Matrix Plan and it is appropriate for a predetermined number of individuals. As the name says, a board comprises the highlight in this plan. It has a couple of individuals on it relying upon the sort of board plan in use.

The usually embraced board plan is a 2×2 board plan wherein every part needs to select two others. This proceeds until all the situations on the board are filled. At the point when the quantity of individuals surpasses the restriction of the board, it is part of two sub-boards and the top part is elevated to a more significant level. This continues rehashing each time a board arrives at the most extreme permitted individuals.


  • Admin can easily check the both user and the sponsoring member.
  • This software offers user-friendly and easy to use CMS which can be easily done by simple drag and drop page and menu builder.
  • You can manage all your transactions and another payment status like great payouts without any hassle.

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